Hi, I'm Brittney

Naarm / Photographer

I'm a 30-something year old taker of photos, just your average coffee loving-foul mouthed-foul mouth.

I have several interesting facts to share with you; I was once featured on a popular Turkish equivalent of Buzzfeed, my (mainly food) photos on Google reviews have received over 699k views, my Uber rating is a perfect 5, and I'm bizarrely good at guessing dog breeds.

I have been shooting live music since early 2022, my partner joined a band and the best way to support him was to document it. After a few months I was suddenly spending every weekend at shows, coming from a lifetime of, well couch... it was exhausting but worth every minute. Jumping on board with Outsiders Journal by early 2023 and since then I have been smashing out a slew of shows. Coming from a background of portraits, my style is dark and gritty with a focus on intimate and connected captures.

I'm into shooting local shows in dive bars, or international tours. I will shoot any genre you throw at me, black metal, post-punk, electronic indie, hardcore, noise bands, jazz or even a neo-classical pianist (Ludovico Einaudi hit me up). I have a deep love for performance and visuals, finding a way to document the journey and experience created by the artist into a gallery is a welcomed challenge.

If you want to make shit happen or just say hey, let's connect on Instagram @bm.psd


Photo: Brent Leideritz
Band Bucket List
  • Thursday
  • Norma Jean
  • The Cure