Seeing Mayhem live is more than a musical event, with their reputation only preceded by an incredible, earsplitting experience from the most notorious band in the world.

Review by the band Nephalem and photos by BM Images

Published for Outsiders Journal

There is always an energy about a sold out show. Add to that the unbridled infamy that comes with black metal epochs, Mayhem, and you’ve got an energy at The Croxton that can only be described as chthonian.

Setting the portentous tone early on was Werewolves, complete with screaming bassist Sam Bean ensuring that we got the message that ‘I Don’t Like You’. Following was a blistering set from NZ extremists, Ulcerate – with the three piece destroying eardrums and setting the stage ablaze.

Kicking off proceedings with the thunderous Falsified, Mayhem’s performance immersed the crowd in blackened lore, while giving a nod to their legacy through omnipresent occult motifs.

Operatic-vocalist, Attila Csihar, orchestrated the crowd with hypnotic hexing, cascading screams and ethereal throat-singing in the exposition of the show. Returning as hooded figures on to stage begrimed with ominous tantric drums, the band slid effortlessly into blacked grooves that evoked an energetic obeyance from the crowd.

With a smokey stage draped in crimson lighting and banners immortalising past members, the barbaric legends ended the night with their signature consummation, Pure Fucking Armageddon.